Real You – Natasha Alexander

Nicole brings the powerful voice of Natasha

Nicole Lyons


Real You

I opened my door of secrets
I blindly let you swim in my feelings
Never once did I think
you would drown me in your own egotism

I took you to my true self…
a place I fear to go
I trusted you
I let you in
But letting you in never meant you were planning to stay.

You played the part of the Knight,
the one you knew I was searching for
You made me believe you were here for me
…here to stay
You made me believe this bullshit was love.

Then, without a trace of humanity
you one day remove your mask,
and all I see is an impassive face
resonating words
a vacant heart
and inflexible soul
All I see is YOU.

As I close my book
I leave another tear on my pillow
I send my love to the masked man
The one…

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