Hasty on the lies depression tells


This is me.

I have anxiety and depression.  Below is the conversation I have inside my brain on bad days. Below isn’t even really a bad day it’s just a okay day. A snippet.  The nasty crap nobody wants to let out.  The reason why alcohol and drugs are so often abused.

Is it self pity?  Absofuckinglutely YES and NO.  People who are depressed hate this self pity brain chemical.  We don’t want to be worthless or feel worthless.  We would love to be focused outward not inward.  But we are chained inside a miserable damning place.  It is the fighting against it, the trying to escape, that nearly ends us.

Trying to tell us we are worthy and we matter is like banging on a locked cage desperately trying to help us escape but the cage is stronger.  We know you’re there trying but…


Stream Of Consciousness:  amannerofwritinginwhichthoughtsorperceptionsoccurinrandomform,

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