By My Own Admission #4 – S.L. Heaton

Shawna questions Karma

Nicole Lyons

By my own admission…I am losing my faith in good karma.

I have lived my life trying to be a decent human being…always. Am I perfect? Absolutely not. But I have always believed in giving of myself wherever and whenever possible. I always try to be a good person…a genuine human being.

I have been shit on more times than I ever thought humanly possible. I’ve told myself for so long that karma has to eventually catch up to me and show me that the universe has some kind of mercy…something good in store for me…at least some kind of break.

But I find myself doubting this possibility more everyday. How many terrible things can one person withstand? That is the question. These situations are supposed to make you stronger and they have in the past but I am reaching my breaking point.

When you feel like there is literally…

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