Am I really going to write this?

Lizzi takes on a fraught subject – trigger warning, it is abortion.



Each time this topic has fluttered close to being brought up, I’ve shut it down. Each time the discussions and opinions have flown back and forth, I’ve steered clear. Each time a friend has expressed an opinion either way, I’ve ducked out of saying anything meaningful, or changed the subject, or been non-committal. Each time, I’ve effectively managed to limit my contact with it to as close to zero as possible. And now I’m taking it on.


Abort Abort Abort -

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3 thoughts on “Am I really going to write this?

  1. People can be pro- choice but still not support abortion. Personally, I agree with abortion for medical reasons, incest, or sexual assault. I’m not sure how I feel about birth control failures. Ultimately, it’s the mothers’ choice and not my place to judge anyone or make laws to suppress her choice.

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    1. I think that’s the problem I had for so long…I don’t think I really understood the ins and outs of it enough to know that I could be pro-choice and not support abortion.

      I definitely feel it NEEDS to be the mother’s choice (because if it ever isn’t, in any instance, things have gone HORRIFICALLY wrong), and that choice being hers, the systems need to be in place to support and make her safe throughout whatever working out takes place.

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