Read This Or I Will Murder a Kitten

She says she hates cats – Hmmmm

That Shameless Hussy

It’s raining outside, and there are five feral cats lounging on my patio. I am running a halfway house for errant felines. I’dposta picture but every time I try Aunty Gomez freaks out and runs out into the rain and I don’t want her to get wet. Here in a bit I will go out there with a mountain of food and sit down nearby in an effort gain their trust so that they can give me ringworm I can maybe nab one of them and scratch its little chin. Or it can scratch mine. Off.

Wait, here’s one…
I hate cats.

So you can imagine my revulsion when I looked out on my patio two weeks ago and saw this.



He has an equally ugly sibling and mother. “Maybe food will help,” I thought. “Look what it has done for me.”


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