#BeREALationships: The Friendship Among Writers

Encouragement is never wasted.


Please welcome Rachel E Bledsoe to #BeREALationships.


I’m used to being alone. I prefer the silence. When you’re alone, no one expects anything from you. You rely solely on yourself. When you fail, you’re only letting yourself down. I am my harshest critic. I can beat myself bloody without ever raising my voice or speaking out loud. The words I speak inside my battered brain are cruel. They are unforgiving torture devices stretching what little self-esteem I have to a breaking point.

Writing is a solitary sport. I don’t have a room full of people telling me what I should or shouldn’t say. No one is tearing apart my grammar and scolding me for natural Appalachian dialect; a language I learned to hide when I began writing.

A few years ago on an early morning, I was promoting my recent cranked out semi-humorous non-masterpiece. There’s the trade-off with this ‘glamorous’…

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