Flying the Coop


The Heart of Sassy Lassie

You needn’t set your watch
She’ll be there
She’s always there
Same bench,
Same checkered blue hat
Same scruffy, neon pink Nikes

Some question her sanity
Those clothes! That hat! Honestly!
Some think her a deaf mute
Unable to be properly broken
by the gawkers

She silently ignores them each day
She wasn’t there for them
She would never take such care in preparing
her daily, exactly two day old baguette
It would be wasted on their pedestrian palates

Her time was spent
Sometimes hours
Lovingly turning loaves into crumbs
She would feed those worthy
of her limited time she so savored

She answers to those gathered there
Not to gawk or judge
Not to reflect their sad, empty lives onto hers

She never worries her spot will be occupied
I would never sit where that woman sits
So dirty
So old
So crazy
Their condemnation held her daily reservation

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