A poem of loss


Please welcome Heather LeRoss to #BeREALationships.
I wrote this poem last year to a woman who had been like a sister to me, near the 1 year anniversary of her death. We’d been like family but had lost touch in recent years because, well, life I think. She was struggling and unhappy and I was going through a divorce and we both let life get in the way. When I found out she was gone, I shattered and wished I could go back and tell her everything I’d left unsaid. This (along with a longer letter I wrote), was my attempt to let her know, wherever she is now, how much I loved her.
For more on this story visit STAY FOR ME

You’re gone – too soon

For reasons your own

And I’m left wondering

If I would have known?

Would you have confided and this time I’d know?

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