Nature’s Geometry: An Introduction to Phi Pattern Paradise

Life, spirals, and numbers

Lipstick and Laundry

“I wonder at the starry pattern in the sky
Are they little pieces of moon which want to fly..?”
Munia Khan


Calculus, algebra, and trigonometry. In high school, these were the subjects I was told (and believed) I would never master. Though my mind migrated to right-brain dalliances, I took every advanced math class offered because it was a challenge. Even when I quizzed out of college Trig and received a math scholarship, I still believed that I was “terrible at math.”

As I’ve gotten older, I can see that my self-assessment wasn’t entirely true. I am drawn to patterns, numbers, anagrams, repetition, and formulas–especially in nature.

Nature's Geometry: A Phi Pattern Paradise

Meet Mr. Phi ^^^

He’s the little dude who inspired this story. Note his (her?) shell ridges and symmetry. Now, look at the white marks scoring her (his?) body. If we were to measure the distance between each terraced ridge or…

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