By My Own Admission #4 – S.L. Heaton

Shawna rants on a subject too often in need a a good rant.

Nicole Lyons

By my own admission…dick pics are not welcome here.

Gentlemen…oh wait…I’m not talking to you. Let me start over…GUYS…much better! This is for the typical guy…you know the one. He’s the one commonly referred to as “douche”.

How have we arrived at place in this world where sending a “dick pic” has become more common than opening a fucking door? And for that matter…more acceptable?

It may be presumptuous of me to say this but I believe I speak for the majority in this instance. What ever happened to common decency and a conversation. You will never win me over with a “dick pic”…I need to know that you are ruled by something more than your second brain. For instance…show me there is something that rattles around in your skull besides thoughts of your own penis…show me substance.

Just for your information…the penis is not pretty. I’m more interested in…

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