GIRL POWAH – The Every Woman Story Project

Ok, all you wonderful writing women out there, here’s an invitation.

Beth Teliho

Ever had a struggle so big it consumed your life? You fight it, sometimes succeeding, other times succumbing? How about when you learn of others that are fighting the same fight…it helps, doesn’t it? Knowing you’re not alone takes power away from the hold the struggle has over you. It gives you a feeling of camaraderie. Solidarity.

My struggle with body image and self worth is something I’ve written about before. I found the strength to let myself be vulnerable and write about it by reading other women’s stories. Those stories helped me tremendously, so I knew writing my own could help someone else, as well as be a cathartic exercise for me. Writing my story was a gift to myself, and my badass friend, Katie Cross, wants you to have that gift too. Let me introduce you to The Every Woman Story Project, which you can learn…

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Ruby Pipes has a challenge to share.

Ruby Pipes

November is National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). I’ve never participated. Mostly because the weight of the autumn is enough to try to trudge through without the added pressures of writing. But during my recent stay in the psych ward I was asked the question, “When did you feel most balanced?” And I didn’t even have to think about it.

November of 2013.

That’s when I was participating in National Novel Writing Month. That’s when I was getting up at the same time every day and immediately going for a run. I was regimented, I was in control. I felt centered, balanced, whole.

I’m not a long-form writer, so writing a book in a month was rather ridiculous for me. I’d never done it before and haven’t done it since. But blog posts, that’s a thing I can get behind. So join me for the month of November…

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Please Help

Ruby Pipes shares her inpatient admission story.

Ruby Pipes

This last week involved a visit to the ER, two ambulance rides, an overnight stay in the hospital, and six days in a psychiatric ward as a suicide risk. Two weeks of missing wages and astronomical medical bills puts me in a very financially stressful situation. If you would like to help me get back on my feet please visit


Andrew took my knife from me before I went to the IHOP bathroom. I guess that’s what happens when you buy a bottle of bourbon after close to three years sober and whisper on a cell phone call, “I just don’t want to exist.”

We gorged ourselves on product barely passing as food and made our way to the parking lot. He cried on my shoulder and told me he didn’t know what to do.

Text Nadine. Call Leif. By the end of all the communication I…

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No – Michelle Schaper

The power of “NO”

Nicole Lyons


I often forget how damaged I am, bluffing my way through life with an over rehearsed self confidence to hide my vulnerabilities. But when I am reminded, all the tiny broken pieces of me stab the back of my eyes and my rebel heart raises its hackles like a frightened cat. Fragments of my dusty soul attack itself from the inside out and crawl underneath my skin leaving splinters of bad memories to poison my veins once more. The bitter taste of someone else’s words hit the back of my mouth like a swarm of bees building their hive, making a new home as a lump in my throat that can’t decide if it needs to come up or go down. Then my swollen tongue licks away the memory of a resisted kiss hiding upon honey bee lips, stinging from the thoughts swirling in my arteries, turning my heartbeat into…

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Count On Yourself.

Good one


Don’t count on anybody to be there, count on yourself to be strong. Something I learned. See, nothing hurts like an education! Hurts, as in working out, getting stronger, kind of way.

I’m not saying this out of “Oh, I hate people I’m just going to live on my own forever” mentality. no. The ones who ARE there for you, your friends and your family. your people, are to treasure and forever cherish ❤ I’m saying this out of you need to be strong no matter what, mentality.

Because someday you might end up on an empty street, in a foreign country, on your own, (because you live life crazy like that) and needn’t mention how insecure you might be. and believe me, if you’re not 101% in tone with yourself you’ll break at the first blow. THEN you need to count on yourself to be strong. THEN you need…

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Guest Post: On a 40th Birthday by C. Streetlights

Read and enjoy

Pen and Keys

My dear friend C. Streetlights, author of Tea and Madnessjoins us again this week, this time sharing one of her beautiful poems. I love her words. Enjoy!

I remember the freckled-faced sunshine girl
(always smiling,
always laughing-eyed)
calling over my cinder-block fence
my shyness turning to the sun,
to the bells that twinkled
feet that dropped to bricks.

I remember the fear I felt
(it being there,
always my companion)
when I entered the pool, cold
water wrapping around me,
then plums falling from
the nowhere sky,
slowly sink like treasure.

Golden hair followed,
(the only time,
she never was a follower)
diving for her tree’s
pirated and purpled gold,
patiently lured me into swimming.

Always the same story,
(silly fights,
sometimes, rarely)
fearlessness came in shades of
golden-yellow/freckled happy.
Coaxing fragile courage from where
I hid it,
under a porch, or in an attic.

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