My Steady

A beautiful birthday love letter.

The Lithium Chronicles

For My Heart, My Love, My Life. Happy Birthday, Scott. Thank you for always catching me.

My Steady

Remember when you were a child and you would throw your arms out and spin wildly in circles? If you didn’t set your eyes on one spot, focus on a steady, the spinning would become too much, and you would tumble sick to the ground. My mind gets like that sometimes too with its terrible racing and raging, and it always becomes too much, and I tumble sick to the ground. But with my mind it is so much harder to catch my breath. I can’t lie there like I could when I was a child, on the ground, waiting on my balance with the sun warming my cheeks. No, when my mind tumbles me to the ground, I am sick for a long time. It takes much more than the sun…

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