Amidst The Chaos | TToT #18

Abbie checks in with thankfuls.

Sidereal Catalyst

I have found myself unable to write for quite some time now.  It’s true, I have been very busy and that has been my main “excuse,” but the few times I have tried to write something words have not come to me as they used to.  It is disheartening for a girl whose words have always been her salvation.  I feel like a stranger sitting here at my keyboard today.  At least my fingers still remember where the letters are, and thus begins my Ten Things of Thankful.

I’ve struggled to see light through the chaos in these past three months.  In August I started an accelerated vocational program to become a certified medical assistant.  A program which normally takes two years jammed into five months, it is both a blessing and a curse.  It is an opportunity for which I am grateful, it will give me the education…

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