Focusing Agitated Manic Energy, Who Knew?

Nicole on focusing the racing thoughts.

Nicole Lyons


Picture “Racing Thoughts” by Anapontes

Isn’t it funny, ok not funny as in ha ha funny, how they use the same word in drug and alcohol addiction as they do when talking about slipping out of the stable zone in mental illness? The word I’m talking about is; Relapse.

“A relapse is said to occur when the symptoms of bipolar disorder worsen or when previous bipolar symptoms return. Many people have experienced one or more relapses of their illness. After a relapse, you may still experience persistent symptoms-which is different from worsening symptoms.

Before a relapse happens, people often experience changes in their symptoms or in some aspect of their behavior, thoughts or feelings. These changes are called warning signs and they are indications that a bipolar relapse may be imminent.” Source – Healthy Place

For me living with bipolar disorder is all about balance. It took me quite…

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