Whatsup Depression ?

Cattie asks a question, or several of depression.


I looked into the Mirror

Staring back at me, this weak Figure.

Those weary eyes, the messy Hair,

I backed away with a Scare.

What has become of that zesty Girl,

She was once the ocean’s Pearl.

Brimming with energy, she would do every Job,

A glitter in her veins, she was never a Snob.

She loved to dressup, she loved to look Pretty,

She loved spending money, she loved to be Free.

Every penny she earned, she made sure she Spent,

Little did she know, that one day she would Repent.

Suddenly one day, sickness came by the Way,

And turned her life from gay to Grey.

When it rains, it pours, that’s a famous Quote,

Those who envied her earlier, sat to Gloat.

Friends who she had loved and helped and Cared,

Watched her struggle with odds and end up Despaired.

No one came forward to hold her…

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