Peaches and Cream (Cobbler) – From My Kitchen to Yours

No politics – no issues – just one of the ultimate comfort foods

Lipstick and Laundry



The aroma of fresh, roasted or baked peaches fills my spaces with warmth and pleasure. Can you think of anything else that smells like a peach? Oranges, lemons, and limes smell citrusy. Apples carry the scent of clean green or crisp honey. The bouquet of  strawberries and blueberries melt together into a sweet nosegay of light essence and sugar.

How do you describe the fragrance of a peach? If you have one, grab it and put it under your nose. Do you recognize that scent?

I call it Eau de nostalgia.

~~Peach butter bubbling on grandma’s stove after another successful harvest–a mixture of sugar, cinnamon and juicy golden orange and yellow flesh.

~~Plump butts lined in rows of a crate boasting the graphics Colorado Peaches that mama bought from the grocery store–she had to order them weeks ahead of time.

~~Peeling the fuzzy from the juicy and seeing…

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