Count On Yourself.

Good one


Don’t count on anybody to be there, count on yourself to be strong. Something I learned. See, nothing hurts like an education! Hurts, as in working out, getting stronger, kind of way.

I’m not saying this out of “Oh, I hate people I’m just going to live on my own forever” mentality. no. The ones who ARE there for you, your friends and your family. your people, are to treasure and forever cherish ❤ I’m saying this out of you need to be strong no matter what, mentality.

Because someday you might end up on an empty street, in a foreign country, on your own, (because you live life crazy like that) and needn’t mention how insecure you might be. and believe me, if you’re not 101% in tone with yourself you’ll break at the first blow. THEN you need to count on yourself to be strong. THEN you need…

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