Halloween Street

A shameless reflection on Halloween memories.

That Shameless Hussy

It wasn’t our last Halloween as parents of trick or treaters. But it was close.

The first Halloween I was a parent, my son was six weeks old and helpless to resist.


I dressed up, and I bought a ton of candy, and I decorated the porch.

No one else did.

The doorbell rang eight times all night.

It didn’t get any better, so I quit trying. Soon, we had our own Trick or Treater. We went to a different neighborhood, and Halloween on our street became a non-event. Then we had my daughter.

fairy2I tied fishing line from her wings to her wand in such a way that whenever she waved it, her wings moved. Which lasted about 45 seconds because no one else who held her understood it and the headline was looming: “Church “Trunk or Treat” Celebration Turned Deadly by Infant in Stupid Fairy Costume; Mother held for…

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