And the eyes in her head see the world spinning round


girl-677576_960_720Sometimes, as I lay under a clear night sky, I will imagine I’m a star letting the quiet absorb the sound of my flames.  I begin to feel the loneliness of it.  The sheer desperation to connect burns so bright inside me that I am like a flashlight searching across the universe for someone to notice me.    

I notice you. 

I start to count the stars in the sky and whisper “I see you”.   I notice them from the small amount of universe I occupy.  And then I smile to myself, feeling silly for giving the stars human emotion.

And then I think about Earth.  The spot I am laying on.  How magnificently large it is and how sturdy and stable and reliable and yet… 


How strange it is that I am so obliviously dependent on the speed at…

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