Stop it with the *all white men*


The Qwiet Muse

I have to say something, it isn’t going to be particularly well-spoken or eloquent, it isn’t going to be all I need or want to say, but I have to unburden my heart in some small way . . .

I am noticing an alarming trend sweeping through our country, one that takes white men and categorically dumps them all into the same heap of rubbish, ready to be set ablaze.

This scares me. So much.

See, I have three sons. White men. Good, good men. Perhaps better than most, and right now, they are being set up to receive the years of backlash that are undoubtedly going to be the result of this campaign of blame.

They are not any of the things currently being spewed in regard to white men everywhere. When you say these things, write these things, share these things, you are actively putting my…

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