The leaves keep falling and I keep dealing with them. Yesterday afternoon it was back on the roof with the blower (electric, not one of those infernal gas powered things) and up and down ladders getting at the gutters. Then, this morning, gathering them up from the driveway and paths and turning them into mulch. Some muscles are not happy. At least it hasn’t rained and they are dry. That helps a lot.

What about 2 inches, you say? I don’t pay attention to how many pounds I weigh. I measure progress (or otherwise) by which size of pants fit. Well, the 40” waist ones I’ve been wearing for a while got feeling kind of loose and I’m back down to the 38” ones. Even small changes in diet make a difference if I’m patient and don’t worry over it much. It feels like progress.

I have never been fond of the continuous speculations and predictions in the news coverage of election night. Those poor folks on the news are forced to keep talking about something and trying to make it sound interesting and significant even when it isn’t yet. I had thought to just avoid the whole business, turn off the radio (I don’t do TV) and put on music, but the local branch of the party of my choice is having an election night party. So, I’ll go and share the anxiety of the evening and the joy or horror, as the case may be, when the result is known, assuming it is clear before about midnight. That means I’ll be off the internet for the evening (no smart phone).

What else? I haven’t called the real estate agent to talk about possibly selling the house. I tried email and it didn’t go through – strange, but so it goes. It seemed I ought to get the leaves handled if I’m going to show it to somebody. And, I’m not looking forward to the whole process, especially having to keep it ready to show, which is a little beyond my usually casual level of housekeeping – Ugh!

So far I’m keeping up with the daily post plan, which is a little surprising.



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