They are all that



Certain names

Just the spelling of them

Or the places you see them

Or the context which they’re placed

Make you want to slit your wrists

Certain scenes

Remind you that you are garbage

A piece of trash, disposable, used

A pile of shit to be carefully avoided

Or even worse

Turn you into the invisible man

Certain sounds

Make your head spin like a carnival ride

You try to breathe but you can’t

You can’t because the moment stole it

You curl up into a ball and wait for it to stop

Certain smells

Remind you of your insecurities

Of the pain that will never ever disappear

Of the scars that will never ever heal

Certain touch

Turns your body into a diving board

Rigid and spring loaded to run

Fueling your nervous energy

Threatening to short circuit your heart

Certain moments

You realize you are a walking time…

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