Redefining Perfectionism

A lovely redefinition

Unlearning Schizophrenia

Regrettably, I have not written as frequently as I would like.  As a full-time-employed peer specialist, the gravity of life affects me as it does everyone else.  I commute via bus.  I have errands to run on the weekend.  I need to clean my apartment to keep it presentable, although I shirk in this task according to my mother.

Things have changed now though.  For the next few weeks, I will have time to more writing.  This past Tuesday, I had foot surgery to correct a bunion on my right foot.  So now I am homebound as I slowly heal.  The first couple of days were very painful, and I could not ambulate much around the house.  I am sleeping a lot, even though I am not entirely “tired.”  Sleep is helping to pass the time, more than anything else.

My mind is no longer groggy, and so I should…

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