The Conspiracy Against ‘Poor’ Trump as Told by a Woman Who Regrets Not Voting

A beautifully written and heart felt message. If you have not voted, just do it.

Gunmetal Geisha

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regretImage courtesy of César Astudillo

“One day left until the election,” my email banner announced and tears trailed down my cheeks because I’m not registered to vote.

Although I’ve been an American citizen since the early 90’s, I’ve never voted, a choice I regret today. During previous elections, I justified my decision because I didn’t live in a swing state, knowing each time “the less objectionable” candidate would automatically win in my blue state. But today I wiped away tears knowing I’ve deprived myself of voting for a remarkably capable and qualified badass like Hillary Clinton, “politician” though she may be in every sense of the word.

In the past, while it was a relief that the majority of voters in states like California shared the same ideologies as me regarding human rights and social compassion, not voting was my passive protest against a system I felt should’ve been doing a…

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