A little story with a point.


Ok I haven’t written here in a while. This isn’t serious or even a dream recollected.  This is simply stream of consciousness.  Just a bit of ridiculous because life has been far too serious.  Enjoy!


The sun burns today. 

My feet have long gotten used to its heat but today they are melting like wax on the smooth round rocks beneath them.  The riverbeds dried up years ago and the songbirds died not long after.  I remember when the sky was full of water.  I remember when it fell and evaporated off our skin.  That was when skin looked young.  When we WERE young.

The sun sits perched on treetops most of the time now.  It dips below the horizon just long enough to gift us with the cool air of the universe.  A quick breeze really.  Normally the cool air…

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