Love Trumps Hate

Ruby says truth.

Ruby Pipes

I went to bed at eleven o’clock last night with Donald Trump on the verge of taking over the presidency. Woke up at two-thirty this morning to find out it had happened. Physically ill doesn’t even begin to describe it. My whole body aches. How could something like this happen? How could my country be so full of hatred and fear it would elect a man based on those beliefs?

It’s three in the morning and I’m crying at my computer. Terrified for our future. Ashamed that I live in a place where half the country would rather have an actual racist take the office of president than a well-qualified and smart (to put it lightly) woman. I can’t gather my thoughts. This just doesn’t make sense.

What I can tell you is that we will not run away. We do not get to simply leave the country. We do…

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