A BIG STEP WITH NO POLITICS – NaBloPoMo 2016 – 12 of 30

I’ve been dragging my feet, finding things to do around the house and such, for some time about beginning the process of selling this house. Yesterday, I finally contacted a local real estate agent and we will plan to meet on Monday. There is a back story to why I picked that agent.

One of the first things my Mom did when they moved here in 1980 was to plant a garden. I think that potential was one of the reasons they (she) picked this house. She also joined a local garden club and was instrumental over the years in establishing an annual plant sale to fund a scholarship program. I’m not very clear on the details of that history, but the importance of her role is clear. A major part of her garden was (is) a genus of perennials named Hosta, which includes a great variety of leaf shapes and colors and flowers. They thrive here and she loved them. Her Hostas became the specialty item of the plant sale for many years, even after she passed away in 2003, as evidenced by this poster from the sale in 2007.


The garden club took that legacy seriously enough that after she died they turned a garden plot they maintained next to the Town Hall into a memorial to her, of course, with Hostas.


So, what does all that have to do with my choice of real estate agent? She is the current President of that garden club.

Why would I sell the place? For one thing, this is an awful lot of house for one person. I don’t have that much stuff to fill it up, and it is a lot to take care of. Also, I am not the sort of gardener my mother was, either in knowledge or enthusiasm. I do hope someone will get it who is that sort of gardener and appreciates the legacy and the 30+ years of work and care she put into it. Finally, until I moved here in 2006 to help my Dad, I was only ever a visitor for a few weeks at a time, and after that move I spent seven years taking care of him as Dementia slowly took him away one memory at a time. It is not filled with memories of happy times. And, I did not choose the house or the town. It doesn’t feel like home. Now the process begins and the unknowns will have to be lived with, how long it will take and what the price will turn out to be. This is part of what I’ve been avoiding, along with having to keep it sparkling to be shown till who knows when. Yes, it feels like a big step.


3 thoughts on “A BIG STEP WITH NO POLITICS – NaBloPoMo 2016 – 12 of 30

  1. Bob, that’s a huge, HUGE step. Wow. I completely understand your reasons for picking the estate agent you did, and it’s my hope that her knowing your mom and the amazing hosta legacy she’s left behind, will mean she’s invested in making sure the people who buy the house will be those who can appreciate what’s there.

    It sounds as though your mom was an important part of an amazing community, and she’s really left her mark there. But you’re right, I guess, in that it’s not YOUR community, not YOUR home…and if you’re ready as you’ll ever be to FIND that place, then you’re making big steps in the right direction.

    I wish you all the very best and I look forward to hearing your stories as you move forward 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Lizzi. It is odd, the things you learn after someone is gone. For most of the years after my parents moved here to retire in 1980, I was off doing my life at the other end of the country and only visiting occasionally, not paying attention to what they wee up to. Both of them were very involved in the community in ways I really only heard about after their passing.

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      1. That makes sense in a way – I’ve learned LOADS about my Nana since she died, that I never knew before. It’s nice that you’ve learned such wonderful things though.

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