Love, Laugh & Care, It’ll All Be Over Too Soon.

Young or old, this is true.

S C Richmond


What do you want?

Every day our aspirations change, every day something happens to us to change our way through this world. We love, laugh , cry and grieve and all of these emotions change us fundamentally as human beings.

What you wanted for your life will change as fate deals out its hand and closes doors and if you’re lucky, opens others to you.

Most of us start off not knowing what we want from life, just a rough idea of success and money, we grow up and want careers and families. Some get everything some get none of them, we learn to live with what we get because we don’t always get what we want. We get what we get and have to make the best of it. You were always told that if you work hard you will achieve, well, maybe just one wrong decision can wipe away…

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