It’s A Tory Brown Letter Day

There’s a smile to be found in this, and just a little mystery.

The Triumphant Weed


Do you think he will okay? Amanda smiled and picked up her bag. A huge thing that looked like the sort Mary Poppins might cart about with her.

‘I am sure he will be.’

‘There is just nothing anyone can do.’

‘I know, but it doesn’t do to worry too much.’ Amanda patted Melanie on the shoulder and walked towards the door.

‘I’m just worried that….

‘I know, I know.’

Melanie went upstairs to her room. The windows were iced up and the air was stiff with cold. Her own breath came out like small drifts of smoke. Only her and her father lived here. In her room there was a bed, a single wardrobe that had seen better days and an ancient stereo. Her friends at school had much more than her. At birthdays and Christmases, the hours came laden with gifts in brightly coloured paper, sometimes bows and…

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