Finish the Sentence Friday – The Sounds Around Me

A lovely description

The Qwiet Muse


Sometimes they shock me, like lightning bolts inside my veins. I feel them pulse, the ebb and flow of constant sound sometimes slamming inside my mind. Boom. My hearts feels the percussion. Airplane screaming high above. My stomach churns, palms pressed tightly against my ears. Little refuge is found, all around me . . . sound.

Sometimes they flash brilliant colors only my eyes can see. The world inside my head, purple, yellow, green. Strike a chord, my ears register the tone, my thoughts follow the slash of neon light accompanying it.

Throaty breath, crunchy snacks, crinkling paper, and whispers send me franticly searching for silence. It hurts. A different kind of pain I haven’t words to describe. An anxious pain, an angry pain. Real. But some sounds, they send playful tickles across my skin, or feel like a soft caress; they are among my favorite sounds, curtains…

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