THE QUESTION OF MEANS AND ENDS – NaBloPoMo 2016 – 22 of 30

In a discussion today that included thinking about how to respond to the apparent success of a political way of behavior the group found disturbing, wrong headed, and dangerous, the question came of whether it could be right to adopt the tactics of that party. In particular, it was asked whether by doing that one, or a group, could avoid becoming morally and ethically no better than the others. If one sets out to fight fire with fire, does one becomes just another arsonist?

So, the relationship between the ends and the means is on the table. What becomes of us if we compromise our values to fight for our values? Can the end justify the means? Or, must the means be congruent with the ends to succeed?

The problem of how to resist an evil does include all the moral and ethical complications of the context of self defense.

I incline to the position of the means needing to match the ends, that it is dangerous to compromise values to achieve them. And, with that, I will leave it there and invite comment.

3 thoughts on “THE QUESTION OF MEANS AND ENDS – NaBloPoMo 2016 – 22 of 30

  1. My values, my morals . . . never will I compromise. Becoming the very thing we purport to despise in hopes of bringing about change is using some faulty logic, in my personal opinion. When I see people using violence because they want violence to end it simply boggles my mind. Lately, I have seen far too many folks become exactly what they are fighting against. It’s disheartening to say the least.

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  2. I think they depend on so many things that vary, but I think some things have to stick, though…we’re all on a sliding scale. I think most people know what’s alright and what’s not though.

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  3. I stand behind anyone fighting for their values. BUT…it should be done in a way that is peaceful. People do not listen or learn otherwise. If we want to change someone’s mind screaming is not going to work. Change and compromise come across through conversation.
    Peaceful protests work. All anyone has to do is look at MLK to see that and while I understand the anger, fear and frustration of so many people in the world today, I don’t feel that they are making the impact they are trying to make.

    So to answer your question…yes, I believe that the means should be congruent to the end desire… otherwise, we have no leg to stand on when we get there.

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