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That Shameless Hussy

I have failed NaNoPoblano.

It’s ok. I already know.

I was hoping the daily deadline would help free me up, but it turns out that even Iam not the boss of me. I defied me at every turn, and life events were happy to jump in and steal the time I had set aside – for me, the only tougher month to blog every day would have been December – and both of those months offer plenty to write about. It’s just the doing it that is hard.

Blogging is very much like Thanksgiving dinner for me. I know that I am supposed to sit at the grown up table and discuss and defend my position on the biggies: the election, feminism, racism and the Kardashians, but all I really want to do is sit at the kids’ table and pretend to sneeze out green bean casserole. (which…

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