The Good Kill

Allie brings Nicole to OCH


by Nicole Lyons

I have dug trenches in
the deepest corners
of my mind
to capture, and keep
you, locked inside
my forgotten playground.
But you storm the chain
link and surge
through razor wire
onto the rapid-fire
battleground of my regrets
and raging
Legs coiled
ready to strike,
I see you war-weary,
to retreat into ditches,
fire and turning
trenches into graves.


Nicole Lyons is the creator of The Lithium Chronicles, the popular Facebook page that brings awareness to mental illness and support to those who need it. She was a columnist for the national online magazine, PsychCentral, and has been a guest contributor to the website The Mighty and The International Bipolar Foundation. She currently has a column, Between Memories and Scars, on Feminine Collective.

Nicole has been a featured writer for the OCH Literary Society, Anti-Heroin Chic, OTV Magazine, and Sudden Denouement, among others…

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