Ani’s Advent – the white stuff

Ani in the snow – more adventures of a small dog

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Morning, Santa!

It’s all white out there today. Not snow, just freezy stuff that sticks to your paws. It’s nice, but she doesn’t approve of me having all the doors open. I think she must be keeping some kind of tally, ’cause she keeps muttering something about ‘minus six’. Still, she was out there at dawn with the camera thingy anyway…in her slippers too.

Does Rudolph like snow? She’s weird with it. Grumbles if she has to scrape the car… which at least you won’t have to do with the reindeer… but as soon as it’s walk time, she’s like a puppy.


I remember how she laughed at me when I found some white stuff as a pup. She said then, ‘just wait till winter comes’… I didn’t know what she meant. What’s a winter? Does it bite, does it play?

Well, I soon found out.

I woke up one…

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