Planting a Seed

Tend well the garden of your mind.


You know? planting a seed is a lot like real life trouble.

you put in the seed, new soil, not knowing if any good will come out of it.
but you decide to have a little faith. and go ahead.

you water it every day. going out in the early cold mornings (how extreme xD)
putting in the effort and yet you struggle to see any evidence of a plant.

you’re tired you want to give up, your patience has run out and you’re resisting the urge to throw the pot off the balcony because you had enough.

but yet you choose to keep watering it. one, you’ve already put in the effort for it to go for nothing. two if it fell on someone’s head they might sue you xD

one day, you notice a little small teeny  tiny growth and you get so excited! see! your hard work is paying off, little by little. you keep on…

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