Ani’s Advent – Ho, Ho, Oh!

Ani, the small detective dog

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

ani (3)

Dear Santa, we went for a walk
As soon as it got dark,
Instead of heading for the fields
We went up to the park.

We wandered through the village streets
And saw the fairy lights
They twinkle just like little stars
And brighten up the night.

“Oh ho,” she said, “There’s Santa Claus!”
I pricked my ears up, “Where?”
I looked around and blow me down,
I saw you standing there!

I thought I must be seeing things,
And for a time was awed,
But then you twanged your beard
And underneath it you looked bored.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think
That beard of yours is fake…
Not something you have once a year
Like cheese and Christmas cake…

I had a think and realised
There’s only one conclusion,
I’d had you on my mind so much
You must be an illusion!

“Hello, small dog.” Now…

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