Thoughts About Compassion’s Effect on the Mental Illness Experience

Neesa shares a somewhat rambling post of good thoughts.

Unlearning Schizophrenia

I have been a recipient of mental health services since I was ten years old, due to depression instigated by domestic discord. And right from then, I figured the major principle of the therapeutic process: tell everything on your mind, so as to be honest and thorough. Most of the time, I have been received well in therapy. I am verbally articulate and intelligent, and so therapists enjoy working with me. Even in my worst times, during psychiatric hospital stays, I have been considered as “highly functioning,” and a favored patient by doctors.
I have enjoyed staying in the nicer of hospital units in New York City. Following ER visits, I have been sent to New York Presbyterian’s units in both the East Side and in Westchester. I have been to NYU Langone Medical Center’s psychiatric unit twice, where I enjoyed art therapy twice daily, five days a week. My…

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