Ani’s Advent – Betrayed

Ani faces a big change

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

ani nose

Dear Santa,

Me and her are no longer on speaking terms. She’s really done it this time. This is serious stuff.

I may go into a decline.

It all started yesterday, when she stripped all the covers off my sofa. She does this every so often…and most often before we get visitors.  Now normally, she hates that job. Let’s face it, the cushions are nearly as big as she is and she struggles a bit and says bad words. But this time, she was smiling. I was immediately suspicious…and gave her the eyebrow… the one that asks ‘what’s up?’ She was Up To Something, I could tell…

“Well,” she says, “it is the very last time I’ll be doing this…but I wouldn’t want it to go all doggy.”

ani 002

That was a surprise! I couldn’t see her living with the muddy pawprints and eau de dog all winter. She has no…

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