Ani’s advent – A request

Ani asks Santa for something special.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Dear Santa, I have got to say
The weather’s not too good.
Okay for certain men in red
Who always wear a hood…

It’s not so good for soggy dogs
Who come back dripping wet,
With tangled ears and muddy tail
That haven’t dried out yet.

You know what’s going to happen next?
It’s no joke, please don’t laugh…
She’ll sniff and call me smelly dog
And stuff me in the bath.

But, as it’s Christmas, you’re in charge,
Instead of rain, you know,
Perhaps you could just sort it out
So we could have some snow?

I’ll roll in it and get all clean,
It’s like a dry shampoo.
And if nobody’s looking maybe
She’ll roll in it too.

She’s like a puppy when it snows
We just go out to play…
And if she wraps up warm enough
We might stay out all day!

So Santa, have a…

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