Angels Crossing – S.L. Heaton

Angels meet

Nicole Lyons

“Hey pretty lady…do you remember me?”

A woman in her late 70s reached for my hand…her touch was soft and warm…so comforting. Her soul felt familiar to me.

I work for the post office and this particular day I was in a customer lobby to help during the Christmas rush. I’ve been to this office a few times in the past to help and I can’t begin to tell you how many faces I’ve seen. I vaguely remembered her but couldn’t place her exactly.

She said, “You helped me so much last time I was here and I remembered you…remembered your beautiful face.” I thought to myself, “What a lovely comment.”

“I need some help finding a card for my grandson…I got him a gift card and I just need a card to put it in.”

I told her I would be happy to come out and help her and…

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