Ani’s Advent – Seeing the light

Ani sees yet another Santa.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo


Dear Santa, I’ve a bone to pick,
Perhaps a bone or two…
I saw another Santa Claus…
She says there are a few!

I’d been flopped out, just lazing
On the sofa for the night
When suddenly, I heard a noise
And saw a growing light…

I went off to investigate…
It is my job, of course,
(Though after the deliveries,
I’m getting a bit hoarse…)

I heard it then, angelic hosts…
I thought it a bit odd,
‘Cause, normally on village streets
We don’t hear much from God.

Yet I could hear the angels
Singing of a Silent Night…
And realised the song was coming
From the eldritch light.

Remembering the tale she’d told
Of how wise men had spied
A new star rising, I was scared
And thought I ought to hide.

But no, she puts the leash on then
And opens up the door..
Not carol singing…

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