Ani’s Advent – Quandry

Ani ponders singing

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

ani poorly 020

Dear Santa, she’s loopy.
We both know that’s true.
But as she’s my two-legs…
Well, what can I do?

Outside it is rainy
It hasn’t snowed yet,
And she sings of sleigh-bells…
Should I call the vet?

She’s singing of holly
And decking the halls…
And losing her focus
On my tennis balls.

I’m getting fed-up
With this whole singing thing
Especially given
She can’t even sing!

She’s getting quite hoarse
(And she sounds like one too)
But it’s keeping her happy,
So what I can do?

I have buried my head
Under cushions and stuff
But my beauty-sleep suffers
I’m looking quite rough…

And what is her answer?
She’s having a laugh!
“You look a bit scruffy…
I’ll give you a bath.”

I have already had
More than three baths this year
So in answer I gave her
A flea in her ear!

(Not a real, living flea,

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