Ani’s Advent – Angels

Ani tells Santa a secret.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Dear Santa,

This is my last letter this year. I know you are going to be a little but busy tonight.

But, as it is just you and me, can we drop the act for a minute? You know as well as I do that there is more to a small dog than meets the eye. More than balls and cheese and chicken and mischief.

Can I tell you what my Mother told me when I was a pup? She said the two-legses don’t need to know, but you aren’t a human two-legs, are you?

She said that if I ever told, it had to be from my heart to my pups. But all my pups are two-legses…

So, from my heart to yours, Santa, from the Long Remembering of my kind…

Much love,



Midnight Echo, oil on canvas

We knew when the Child had been born.

The Book doesn’t tell them about…

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