My Christmas Story – S.L. Heaton

Yes, hold them close.

Nicole Lyons

I wish I had something poetically profound to say about the holidays but I do not…all I have is a story…my story.

I remember Christmas when I was young…maybe 6 or 7 years old…I loved it so much…not because of all the gifts…don’t get me wrong I loved the presents…it was because of the get together with my rambunctious family on my mother’s side. My mother was an only child but had cousins galore, big family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year… so loud and so much fun.

I remember Christmas eves with my grandparents…they were great…. always doting on the four of us grandkids from their only daughter. I remember grandpa sitting down to the piano and playing from memory…he couldn’t read a single note but man could he tickle those keys…and he would sing…I can hear him singing Moon River like it was yesterday with what I…

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