Hasty sends a story.


Her reflection held no meaning.  back-1822702_960_720

She knew the hours were passing by because the sun was starting to melt into the horizon.  She was told several times not to be caught here after dark.  She didn’t care though.  Not tonight anyway.  Tonight she didn’t want to care about anything.

His voice was a constant echo in her head.

Every day, since she found his note on her bed, the echoes led her to the edge of this river.  He was here somewhere.  Was he watching her?

So many questions had plagued her nightmares.  Every nightmare ended the same way.  Here at the river.

They would always be standing waist-deep in the water staring at each other.  He wore black and she wore white.  They never spoke.  Eventually he would slowly lower himself deeper into the water until only his eyes were above the surface… staring at her.  Then he would scream and disappear at super lightening speed…

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