Shut the Fuck Up and Sing

Art and truth

Devon J Hall

The Dixie Chicks once received a letter that said they better “Shut up and Sing or they would be killed.” 

It’s too bad the rest of Hollywood didn’t take that advice, am I right? I mean who do these people think that they are? These actors, these singers, these “entertainers”. Who on earth gave them the idea that their thoughts, feelings and opinions actually mattered to the rest of us?

Last night Meryl Streep went on and on for a full five minutes about how amazing the Arts are and how useless hatred is. She said that Martial Arts and Football were not “The” Arts, and I can’t even believe I am going to say this, she asked the people of the Hollywood Forign Press to stand up in the face of hatred and bigotry, mysogony and abuses of power. 

How fucking Dare She?! Doesn’t she know she’s little more…

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