A Handful of Flies at Your Table

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Gunmetal Geisha

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On staying true to one’s self among doubt and jeers.

Do you know why you write or do any of the creative things you do? I write, or paste cutout pictures, or decorate, or make a Halloween costume, or shoot a music video, or put on a skit, or click photos on my phone because I can’t help it. Constructing a story or visual narrative that wouldn’t have existed without me giving it form feeds and fills me. I would be lost, a sleepwalker, a 24/7 depressive without this drive. It’s offensive to me to be called a failed actress, not because of the “failed” part, but because someone else is presuming what success means to me.

In their eyes, I’ve failed at acting because it hasn’t brought me fame or riches or even consistent work. But I act because emotionally it feeds and fills me, and will…

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