To Summon the Beast – A collaboration Nicole Lyons & SeA

Nicole has a new collaborator.

Nicole Lyons

Our shadows danced
the fire like savages
before a kill, unaware
that our souls
were their prey.
without inhibitions or regard
for self-preservation,
we danced on.

The flames licked
our heathen heels, scorching
flesh long into the night.
The way we moved bled
fevers through seared skin
and cast
the smells of our filth
upon the air,
beckoning the scavengers.
And still, we danced on.

The way our demons swayed
together taunted the flames
to burn hotter, and the darker
the dance became, the more
we yearned to feel cracked
and burned flesh
flake from our bodies
as they drew even
more from us.

We disturbed the beat
of blackened hearts pounding.
Grinding with the rhythm
of charged pulses, we howled.
The strange tongues thick
in our mouths, provocation
to summon the monster.

It sat quietly
watching us like
it knew us
well, the beast.
It had sold…

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