Dear Sex Workers, You’re Not Wrong

Devon continues on the subject of sex workers.

Devon J Hall

cqujoakweaesxwoThe world has never been a friendly place for women. Recently I wrote a post called “Keep Your Laws off My Vagina” but I feel there is more to say, so rather than edit it or add to it I thought I’d just keep sharing this thought.

Over the years I have had many different kinds of friends. I’ve had racist friends, anarchist friends, homophobic friends and atheist friends.

I really do see things in all of these people that I think are worth loving, but with the new American Regime I am seeing a terrifying trend. A trend that has forced me to take a serious look at the kind of people that would support the marginalization of any human.

Women of Color, people in the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual and Queer community – men and women are afraid.

They are afraid because they are losing their health insurance…

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