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dawn 041

Dawn was beautiful this morning. I saw its opalescence light the window and heard the first blackbird sing its welcome. We were out before the sun rose, the small dog and I, with Ani lolloping through the fields and undergrowth, grinning at the morning.

It is very odd to consider how many people worldwide now know and care about the small dog, yet in fact, no one truly knows her except me. I see a side of her that her visitors… and she is convinced they are her visitors… do not see. She will be having a visitor this weekend… though she won’t see much of him as we are off on our travels while Ani goes to play with her friends. She reminds me always of those words of Browning,

“God be thanked, the meanest of his creatures

Boasts two soul-sides,—one to face the world with,

One to show…

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